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We offer several packages and services: from singular essay reviews to interview preparation services to comprehensive college application assistance. For your convenience, we have compiled our most popular services below. However, we often work directly with students to create a personalized package to fit their needs best. Once you have made a payment, please allow three (3) business days for us to process and schedule an advisor to oversee your request, unless otherwise stated.

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Head Start Pre-Senior Package: $6,399

Many aspects of a student's application are already set by the time we begin working with them at the beginning of senior year. Getting started early with personalized advising can put any student in a much more competitive position for direct medical program admission. We strongly recommend starting the process as early as possible with the Head Start Pre-Senior Package. This package includes:

Advising Services

Admissions Services

High School Senior Package: $4,999

For students entering their senior year of high school, applying to college can be one of the most stressful things a student does in his or her academic career. Applying to direct medical programs adds a new dimension to that process, bringing with it even more complexity and confusion. With our help, the application process will be streamlined and optimized to give our students their best chance for admissions success. Our admissions packages include a comprehensive review of every aspect that goes into the student's application. A team of experienced medical advisors (all current students in direct medical programs) will be assigned to guide the student throughout his/her entire application process. This package includes:

Interview Prep Package   Standard: $199, Premium: $549

Most medical programs require the applicants to complete an interview with at least one faculty member before the admissions decision is made. Making a good impression during this interview can make or break your medical application. High school students often do not have prior experience with the high-pressure interviews they will encounter when applying to direct admissions programs. We are here to help!

Our Standard Interview Prep package includes the following:

Our Premium Interview Prep package includes all of the above and the following:

While students often see an immediate difference after just one session, we see best results with multiple interview sessions as we work on specific weaknesses over time.


Start-to-Finish Essay Review   Medical Supplemental Essays: $399, Common App: $599

In a sea of applicants with top GPAs and test scores, a stellar personal statement can set your application apart. We at the Perfect Med understand this and can help you mold your essays to show admissions officers what makes you unique. We work with students on their Common App essays as well as their supplemental essays. Our single essay review package includes:

Common App and other major essays often have unique and varied prompts. In order to help generate a high caliber essay, we have found that advisors must spend greater time and effort during the brainstorming process, and the revision process overall.

Medical Supplemental Essays are required of almost every combined medical program application. Our advisors are well versed in these types of essays and can lend their vast experience during the revision process.


Customize Your Own Package

We take the time and put in the effort to know each of our students, so we know that individual needs can and often do differ. We often work directly with students to tailor and pro-rate any of our services to best meet our students' needs. Our advisors can work with you directly to come up with a custom package. Common tweaks include:

A single appointment with one of our advisors can provide you the perfect package for your needs. Send as an email or give us a call today!

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Platinum Collegiate Advising Service:
$1499/annually + $2499 during application-cycle year

In the undergraduate years, pre-medical students face many challenges that arise spontaneously and a number of milestones to conquer. The PerfectMed staff will be there every step of the way, guiding our advisees and developing a comprehensive academic and extra-curricular profile unique to each medical school candidate. Our Platinum Package is our premiere collegiate service. It will include:


Diamond AMCAS Primary and Secondary Support Package: $3499

During the application year, applicants face a remarkable challenge of completing the AMCAS, AACOMAS, or both. The PerfectMed Program is here to ensure your application is timely, thorough, and appealing. Our services include:

AMCAS Enterprise Package

AMCAS Primary Support Package: $799

  • Unlimited editing on your AMCAS/AACOMAS personal statement
  • Unlimited revisions on the work/activities division of your AMCAS/AACOMAS application
AMCAS Multi-Essay Review Package

AMCAS Secondary Support Package: $1999

  • Unlimited revisions of secondary essays for up to 15 schools
AMCAS Personal Statement Review Package

AMCAS Personal Statement Review Package: $499

  • Unlimited Revisions of your AMCAS/AACOMAS personal statement
AMCAS Personal Statement Single Review + Feedback

AMCAS Personal Statement Single Review + Feedback: $299

Rush Option (Return within 48 Hours): $399

Interview Preparation Service

Interview Preparation Service: $119

  • Mock medical school interview sessions over video chat

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