Premium Interview Prep Package



Most medical programs require the applicants to complete an interview with at least one faculty member before the admissions decision is made. Making a good impression during this interview can make or break your medical application. High school students often do not have prior experience with the high-pressure interviews they will encounter when applying to direct admissions programs. We are here to help!

Our Premium Interview Prep package includes:

  • A set of common questions that have been used previously in program interviews, along with some helpful hints and tried-and-true strategies on how to answer them
  • TWO full mock interviews with a Perfect Med advisor trained in conducting combined medical program interviews.
  • Personalized feedback on performance, areas of weakness, and suggestions on how to improve
  • Preparatory one-on-one video session prior to first mock interview
  • Extensive feedback on written responses to interview questions

While students often see an immediate difference after just one session, we see best results with multiple interview sessions as we work on specific weaknesses over time.