Head Start Pre-Senior Package



Many aspects of a student’s application are already set by the time we begin working with them at the beginning of senior year. Getting started early with personalized advising can put any student in a much more competitive position for direct medical program admission. We strongly recommend starting the process as early as possible with the Head Start Pre-Senior Package. This package includes:

Advising Services

  • Strategic planning starting 10th grade of high school: Advisors will hold private phone guidance sessions with the student and parents strategically throughout the years to plan the students’ activities based on opportunities provided in the student’s academic environment. This also includes guidance in course selection, standardized exams, and extracurricular activities. Ask about our custom packages to accommodate middle school and freshmen students.
  • Summer Research and Clinical Programs: We will help students identify and apply to summer medical programs that will best prepare them for combined medical programs. This includes our top notch essay editing services and resume workshops for these applications.
  • Q & A service: Throughout the student’s time in high school, advisors will be available by email to answer questions about how to proceed with issues including, but not limited to: standardized testing, class selection, extracurricular involvement, and summer programs.

Admissions Services

  • College Selection Assistance: During the summer after junior year, advisors will work directly with the student to create a list of direct medical programs that he/she should plan on applying to. Advisors have extensive knowledge of the details of direct medical programs, including application timelines and program competitiveness. We will evaluate the student’s fit for each program and mold an application list that includes a range of programs to give him/her the best chance at a good fit.
  • Essay editing: As the student begins the essay writing process, advisors can help brainstorm topics, as well as provide sample essays for reference. Once a draft is written, advisors will work closely with the student through unlimited draft revisions to all essays, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality. This includes the Common App essay as well as ALL essays for up to 10 direct medical programs and colleges.
  • Interview Preparation: Students will be provided with sample interview questions and tried-and-true strategies. Advisors will conduct mock interviews with the student and provide personalized feedback.
  • Application Review: Advisors will perform a comprehensive review of each of 10 applications to ensure the student has presented all the requested material in the best possible way.